Building/Meeting Room With Outdoor Deck for Rent

Rent "Paddlers On the River" Pub and Cafe is a building on the river with an open deck for meetings, parties, weddings, or any other special events.  Feast on our specials while enjoying the ambiance of the river.  Rent a cabin on the river, fully equipped with a beautiful porch facing the river.  Come paddle with us!!!

For weddings we have our own Captain Russell who will perform marriage ceremonies that are wonderful and very memorable.  You decide on the decorations, catering, and even what attire you would like Captain Russell to wear ----- whether it is his formal outfits, a buccaneer outfit, a tropical outfit etc.  YOU choose YOUR theme.

Call for prices.  352.796.7176
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Captain Russell
Captain Russell will wear any garb to match your theme when he performs your marriage, civil union or hand-fasting ceremony on land or water:
The "Cap" in the Hat
Cap'n Russell with his "Cap" guns
Get Married by a Mariachi*
The fifth position.
Sherlock Russell
The Great Captain Russell
Dragon Ship Captain Russell
Humorous costumes depicted above are examples only.   Your actual requrements will determine which style of garb Captain Russell wears to suit the theme of your wedding, civil union or hand fasting.  

*  SEVERE MARIACHI WARNING: You do NOT  want to hear Captain Russell playing the violin.
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